Step-by-Step Guide on What to do When Dealing with Water Damge

If water damage has left you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, seeking immediate help is crucial. Reach out to Vaso Construction and we will guide you through the process. We will handle damage removal, evidence collection, insurance claim approval, and home restoration, easing your worries. Understanding the step-by-step process for your disaster insurance claim ensures you approach the situation with confidence and clarity which is why we prepared a guide for you below.

 Step 1: Stay Calm and Take Action

In any emergency situation, staying calm and ensuring your family’s safety is paramount. Find a secure location away from danger and assess the severity of the disaster. If a burst pipe is flooding your home, turn off the water source if it’s safe to do so. In the case of severe flooding or other life-threatening situations, seek higher ground or wait for assistance calmly.

If medical attention, police intervention, or immediate help is required, don’t hesitate to call for assistance. Maintain a level-headed approach and avoid reacting impulsively, as sound judgment is crucial in handling the situation. Prioritize actions that ensure the safety of your family, get the required assistance, and work towards resolving the emergency effectively.

Step 2: Assess the Extend of Damage to Your Home

Once you’ve ensured the safety of your family, it’s essential to assess the damages to your home. If it’s safe to return, carefully inspect the affected areas and consider what caused the damages. Take note of any broken windows, roof or wall holes, and cracks in the walls or ceiling. Document your findings and consider taking pictures as substantial evidence for discussing the problem with the disaster relief company and insurance.

Remember to leave everything as-is for a thorough assessment and proper documentation. Avoid cleaning up any messes, as detailed documentation is necessary for your insurance claim. By providing evidence of the disaster, you increase the chances of your claim being approved, ensuring you receive the necessary assistance to restore your home.

Step 3: Contact Vaso Construction

When facing a home disaster, it’s common to think of calling your insurance company first. However, for a smoother and hassle-free process, it’s best to contact Vaso Construction, a disaster and water restoration company, as your first step. Our experienced team can properly assess the damages and guide you on whether to go through your insurance or not. We understand the complexities of insurance claims, deductibles, and the potential impact on your policy, ensuring you make informed decisions.

By choosing Vaso Construction, you benefit from qualified experts handling your situation from start to finish. We take the burden off your shoulders by managing everything – collecting evidence, cleaning up the mess, reviewing estimates, working with your insurance company for claim approval, obtaining your claim money, and efficiently rebuilding and restoring your home to its former condition. Our team has vast experience in handling disaster claims, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Let us take care of the restoration, so you can focus on your family’s well-being during this challenging time!

Step 4: Contact your Insurance Company.

Before contacting your insurance company, it’s crucial for your disaster relief or water restoration company to assess the damages and relay that information to your insurer. As a homeowner, you likely have insurance coverage questions, and it’s essential to understand the extent of your policy. While most policies cover water damage from burst pipes or accidental fires, they may not include river floods, mold issues, or wear and tear problems.

To determine your coverage, discuss the details with your insurance company or an informative insurance agent. Coverage also depends on factors like the source and cause of the damages, which your insurance will ultimately decide. Another important consideration is the amount covered by your insurance. While they may agree to cover all damages, reimbursement for repair and restoration expenses might be partial, based on factors like the condition and age of the affected areas.

To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s recommended to seek a disaster relief company independently. At Vaso Construction, we act as Your Home Expert during home emergencies, guiding you through the process and helping you maximize your insurance claim for optimal results.

Here are some other crucial points to consider when dealing with your insurance company:

Promptly Notify Your Insurance Company: As soon as you contact the disaster relief company, reach out to your insurance company without delay. Timely communication is crucial to prevent claim rejection.

Coverage for Alternate Accommodations: If you need to vacate your home due to damages, your insurance may cover outside expenses. For instance, if your bathroom is unusable, you can claim expenses for alternate lodging. Similarly, if your kitchen is affected, you may seek reimbursement for meals elsewhere. Remember to save all relevant receipts for verification.

Processing Time for Claims: Most insurance claims are processed within 2 to 6 weeks, but delays are possible. Having a reliable disaster relief or water restoration company by your side can help navigate the process more efficiently.

Freedom to Choose a Restoration Company: While your insurance company may suggest preferred companies to handle the situation, you are not obligated to choose them. The decision to work with a company that best suits your needs is entirely yours.

Impact on Insurance Rates: Opening a claim may lead to increased insurance rates, which could take six months to a year to reflect in your policy. Weigh the benefits of the claim against potential rate adjustments when making decisions.

Step 5: Minimize Damage and Cleanup

Mitigating and cleaning up the damaged areas of your home is crucial to prevent additional harm, mold growth, theft, and costly expenses. Attempting cleanup on your own can be time-consuming, exhausting, and may not meet the necessary standards for restoring your home to its pre-damaged condition. Professional cleanup and mitigation are essential to efficiently restore your home.

At Vaso Construction, our disaster relief experts promptly address the damages to your home. We initiate the mitigation process by securing broken windows and covering roof or wall holes to prevent further water damage and ensure temporary safety and privacy. Our team also focuses on thoroughly drying out affected areas to prevent mold and mildew growth.

We provide water restoration and mitigation services, guiding you through the entire process. With our professional expertise and trained experts, we can efficiently handle your claim and execute the repair, rebuilding, and restoration of your home to its former state. Contact us today for comprehensive assistance during this challenging time.

Step 6: Gathering Information for the Claim

As mentioned earlier, gathering pertinent information as evidence is crucial for your specific situation. While collecting information on your own is a good start, a disaster relief company goes beyond and ensures the right information is collected. With expertise in such situations, they know what to look for and present as evidence to your insurance company, significantly aiding your claim.

Before, during, and after pictures hold immense value as visual proof of damages, the mitigation process, and the post-cleanup appearance. Before pictures capture soaked furniture and carpets, during pictures document the cleanup process, and after pictures showcase the restored areas.

In addition to pictures, you may need other evidence to support your claim, such as an official police or fire department report, a plumber’s report, relevant scientific data like moisture readings, or a detailed inventory of damaged items.

With Vaso Construction you can rely on us to gather the right evidence for presenting your claim to your insurance company. Having handled hundreds claims, we understand the intricacies of the process, ensuring you don’t navigate this journey alone. Hire certified and trained experts to handle every aspect of the process from start to finish!

Step 7: The Initial Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster

Within 48 hours to 2 weeks, the insurance adjuster, acting as your insurance company’s representative, will visit your home to discuss your claim. During the visit, the adjuster will conduct a thorough investigation, determining if your policy covers the home damages and the extent of coverage. The investigation encompasses various aspects:

  1. A home inspection to assess the damages and cleanup efforts.
  2. An examination to identify the cause or source of the damages, influencing your insurance coverage for those specific damages.
  3. A professional interview with you as the homeowner or other witnesses related to the disaster.
  4. A review of additional evidence, such as police reports and other relevant documents pertaining to the claim.

The disaster relief company can guide you before the meeting with the insurance adjuster, ensuring you’re prepared to provide valuable information and answer questions that support your claim. They can also assist you throughout this step by communicating and discussing your situation and claim with your insurance company, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Step 8: The Negotiation

During the negotiation stage, the insurance adjuster will present a specific amount that the insurance company is willing to pay. As the adjuster represents the insurance company, their goal is to minimize expenses, paying as little as possible. Conversely, the disaster relief company stands by your side, safeguarding your interests. Working with an honest restoration company is vital as they will provide expert guidance and vigorously advocate for your claim.

A reputable restoration company gathers information and estimates, ensuring a higher and more realistic amount to cover the damages’ expenses. The final amount is reached through negotiation, where you and the insurance adjuster strive to reach a mutual agreement. With a dedicated restoration company on your side, you can confidently pursue a fair settlement that adequately addresses your needs.

Step 9: Claim the Money Negotiated with the Insurance Company

Once you and the insurance adjuster reach a mutual agreement regarding your claim, the insurance company will issue a check, providing you with the financial means to cover repair, rebuilding, and restoration expenses.

The method of receiving your claim money varies depending on whether you have a mortgage on your property or own it free and clear. If your mortgage exceeds $10,000, the insurance company is likely to issue the check in both the homeowner and mortgage company’s names. Conversely, if you own the property without a mortgage, the check will be made out to the homeowner and sent directly to you. In some cases, the insurance company may issue separate checks for emergency services and repairs, directly compensating the respective service providers. Rest assured, Vaso Construction ensures a smooth process, assisting you in accessing the funds you need for a swift and efficient restoration.

Step 10: Use the Insurance Money to Repair Your Home

With your claim money in hand, you can finally initiate the process of repairing and restoring your home to its former state. While a disaster relief company will assist you in maximizing your insurance claim, you may still have to cover some expenses due to depreciation of lost or damaged items.

This is when a reliable and professional restoration team becomes invaluable. While disaster relief companies focus on emergency assistance and cleanup, not all offer comprehensive home repair and upgrade services. However, with Vaso Construction, you get the advantage of a restoration company that provides high-quality services such as home remodeling, water restoration, roofing, and storm damage services. We are Your Home Expert, guiding you through the entire process from damage assessment to full restoration, ensuring your home is restored to normal, ultimately restoring your life.

Furthermore, this is an opportunity to turn your situation into a positive experience and go beyond mere restoration or upgrades. Transform your home into your dream house, making the most of this opportunity to create a space that truly reflects your vision and desires. With Vaso Construction by your side, your home improvement journey is bound to be a transformative and fulfilling one!

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